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The Man Who Didn't Care For Looks by Thomas HassanG: [OK]
Graven:"Looks... don't matter. Liking and generosity does."
 Species:Ape   Horse
The man who knew himself by Mark Van Sciver
Miavir:Stopped up plumbing causes a visit by an unusual and talkative plumber.
Tale 9 of The Blind Pig Universe.
The Man Who Watched Seals by Dave Sanders
Sometimes unrequitable love is harder to bear than no love at all.
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
The Marble Faun by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Miavir:slightly older than the average Story. I havn't read enough of it to see if it is actually a furry story, but with a name like this, might as well include it ;-)
March Comes In Like a Lion by Rogue - Adult
All good things must come to an end. There is a time when to even our most precious loved ones, we must face saying goodbye for the last time.
 Species:Lion   Ape
Marik by Markus PristovsekM: [Good]
Eine Reihe von Geschichten von dem recht erfolglosen Raumfahrer Marik, die einzeln gelesen werden könnten, aber eigentlich ein großes Ganzes ergeben sollen. Das Ganze ist somit noch unfertig.
Miavir:German text only.
  • Kapitel 1
  • Kapitel 2
  • Kapitel 3
  • Kapitel 4
  • Kapitel 5
  • Kapitel 6
  • Kapitel 7
    Panik in Xyibeval
  • Kapitel 8
    Die Grähli.
  • Kapitel 9
    Das Ende
  •       Keywords:German   SF   Adventure   Transformation
     Species:Cat   Centaur
    Marked by Todd G. Sutherland - AdultM: [Very Good]
    Peggy's life is boring till young, wild Scout shows up in her life. But Scout has Dennis and Peggy has Gavin, and neither wants to let go... especially Gavin.

    If you're reading these in plot order, this would the the 1st.

          Keywords:M/F   M/M   F/F   IIMYI   Violence
    Backup:1 2
    A Marked Man by Cheirron - AdultG: [OK]
    Graven:Some remarkably horny wolves call on a politician who sponsored anti-wolf legislation.
          Keywords:Transformation   NC   M/M   Oral   Anal
     Species:Ape   Wolf
    The Mark of the Divigon by WolphinG: [OK]
    A little Irish mythology for you (Ummm, err, hard to define really)
          Keywords:Transformation   NC   Fantasy
     Species:Ape   Dragon   Centaur
    The Marriage of Monkey Legs by Multibreast - Adult
    A space traveler takes part in an unusual wedding ceremony on a planet of centaurs. (Features multiple breast and conjoinment content).
    Miavir:Mostly a vehicle for a fetish story, but still it's furry. Due to the nature of the site, you may want to turn off image loading (or turn it on, depending on your own nature ;-)
          Keywords:SF   Transformation   Weird   Violence
     Species:Centaur   Ape
    A Martyr to the Cause by Keith MorrisonM: [Good]
    Miavir:Things get rough when the First Lady gives an anti-discrimination talk.
    Story 5 of The Silver Dawn.
          Keywords:Furry Freedom   Violence
     Species:Rat   Ape
    Marvel-ous Changes by Terry Spafford
    Miavir:Seems to also have the name 'A Marvel Meeting'.
    Set in The Winds of Change Universe.
    Mary-Lynn by Brian Eirik Coe
    A simple story set at an equestrian event.
     Species:Ape   Horse
    Backup:1 2
    Maryann's Adventures by Maryann Munroe - AdultM: [OK]
    Miavir:A collection of logs of erotic encounters.
          Keywords:M/F   F/F   IIMYI   Oral   Masturbation
     Species:Bunny   Cat
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    Mating Outside Your Species by Gwydion - Adult
          Keywords:Transformation   Fantasy   Violence   M/F
     Species:Dragon   Sylph
    Backup:1 2
    Mating Season by Gre7g Luterman - AdultM: [Good]
    A lot of readers gripe because my werewolf stories aren't bloody enough. Well, this one should shut them up for a bit. If you are not specifically seeking a werewolf story about violence and sex, please read one of my others first. Thank you.

    David, an early American pioneer, has fallen in love with Spring Flower, a shape shifter Indian girl. The summer is passing and mating season is coming soon. He doesn't want to leave, but is he strong enough to stay? Free password required.

    Miavir:The backup link requires no password.
          Keywords:M/F   NC   Violence
     Species:Werewolf   Ape
    A Matter of Damnation by Lillith of Frost - Adult
    The origin story of a "Britanni" lycanthrope named Hunter.
    A Matter Of Life & Death by Michael Gibby - Adult
    A Rescue Rangers FanFic.
          Keywords:Rescue Rangers
    A matter of Necessity by jonwIG: [Very Good]
    Treading on David Drake's, and Keith Laumer's turf here. What happens when a mercenary unit such as Drake's "Hammer's Slammers" runs up against one of Keith Laumer's "Bolos"? This was a concept I just couldn't keep my paws off of.
  • Part 1
    Parts 1,2, and 3, with more to follow.
  • Part 2
    Parts four through seven. Had to go to rich text format to get the italics to work. Wordpad will show it OK.
    Miavir: Hooray for more incompatibility from the folks that brought you the most buggy OS since the invention of Computers.
  • Part 3
    Parts eight and nine. Written in beautiful tropical Weipa, Australia. Lord, I can't wait to get home! Still best to use wordpad to view this.
  • Part 4
    Part ten through the conclusion. Again, written in Weipa, but I had to wait until I got back to the states to upload! Hopefully the stunning conclusion to the story
  •  Prequel:Lions have been known to Scrounge for food in the Wild
          Keywords:SF   Military   Action
     Species:Lion   Rabbit   AI   Bear
    Matthew's Lament by William Ellsworth Haas the Second - AdultM: [Good]
    I was holding this story back, thinking that I might actually get it published somewhere, but every magazine I submit work to has a nasty habit of going out of business, so here it is. It's supposed to be a brief introduction to vulpine succubi. Let me know what you think!
          Keywords:Fantasy   Suicide
     Species:Fox   Demon
    Maxwell by OsidermonM: [OK]
    A Squarglings story.
          Keywords:Slice of Life

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