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Friendships and Other Things by Oren the Otter
One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
A Friend To The End by Spectrum Fox - Adult
 Species:Wolf   Fox
The Frog Prince by FeechM: [OK]
Raven Blackmane: Meet Lindy Armauer, Scab and soul-set-adrift. How do you cope when you've suddenly become a poison arrow frog-a creature so toxic that no one can ever touch you?
Tale 55 of The Blind Pig Universe.
 Sequel:Go Unto Pharaoh
Frog Principles by Dave Sanders - AdultM: [OK]
What do you do with a prince who refuses to be humbled?
      Keywords:Fantasy   Language   Transformation   Humor   Fairy-Tale
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
From An Antique Land by Paul S. Gibbs - Adult
A Combined Forces Security investigator finds himself aboard a Survey vessel with a very strange--and possibly hazardous--cargo. Will it reach its destination--and does he really want it to? This novella guest-stars a minor character from my novel "The Darkness Beneath," and features a supporting-cast member from "The Raven's Shadow." Rated PG for no readily-explicable reason.
From Dusk Till Dawn by Raphiel - Adult
(not the movie)
Story 3 of Barken, TX.
From Here To Eternity by Brownbear - Adult
From The Babe's Mouth by Mat Charles - Adult
Councillor Barnes's story - as told by him. Follows on from several other TBP stories; I strongly advise you to read those before this. They are Splendor's Story, Splendor's Story - Afterword, Prices, Donnie's ground rules, Retribution, A song of hand music, A View from the Fence, and A Wolf in the fold.
Tale 79 of The Blind Pig Universe.
Backup:1 2
From the Depths by Phil Geusz
Raven Blackmane: Detective Bronski is back, and he has his work cut out for him. The city is being slowly drowned by one of the worst floods on record, but there's something on the prowl that's far deadlier than the water itself. Now, faced with an unknown terror that is devouring the helpless flood victims, Bronski and partner Dan-Man find themselves with the unenviable task of bringing the remorseless predator to justice.
Tale 144 of The Blind Pig Universe.
From the Wings by Cateagle
"From the Wings" is a "slice of life" story derived from the "Sabrina the Story", and "ZZ Studios" storylines. It follows the lives of Lee Evans, a young feline gentlefur and bright engineer, and Debbye Squirrel, a young college student, through their meeting, getting to know one another, and building a relationship with one another. Along the way, they and their friends have to deal with some of life's problems (such as occur when meeting that perfect someone) that beset fursons everywhere as well as the fun kind of moments "to tell the grandkids about".
  • Legalese
  • Introduction   Backup
  • Chapter 1 : When Debbye and Lee Meet   Backup
  • Chapter 1.2 Intermission   Backup
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 2.1 - Getting To Know You..., Part 1
  • Chapter 2.1 - Getting To Know You..., Part 2   Backup
  • Chapter 3.1 - Intrusions and Interludes
  • Dramatis Personae   Backup: 1 2
  • One of the Stories of the Sabrinaverse.
          Keywords:Slice of Life   Romance
     Species:Cat   Squirrel   Wolf   Fox
    Frost by FeechG: [OK]
    Graven:Christmas, and an iceman reflects at the Blind Pig
    Tale 100 of The Blind Pig Universe.
          Keywords:Slice of Life
     Species:Inanimorph   Ape
    Frost and Fire by Jon Sleeper
    The prototype story for this universe. Short as my stories go. Very short! :)

    Brian Eirik Coe:We are not alone on our planet. Guardians walk amoung us. Animal spirits that guide their mortal children when they can, and sometimes need their help. It's the basis for Jon Sleepers "Frost & Fire" universe. A wonderful universe where the Guardians may be powerful, but they have some very human qualities.

    Note also other tales in this universe by other authors:
    Beaten Path
    Frost im Sommer by Markus Pristovsek
    Tagebuch eines Ex-Menschen auf einem kalten, neubesiedelten Planeten. Freuden und Leiden des alten Pravlak.
    Miavir:German text only.
          Keywords:German   Transformation   SF
    Für Volk und Vaterland by Markus Pristovsek
    Neue Perspektiven für eine Praktikantin des Präsidenten.

    Ein "Quicky", geschrieben in vier Stunden. Aufruf zum besser machen, der "Schreibwettbewerb" des Archives: Geschichten zu dem Bild Centaur 2001 von Larry Elmore.

    Miavir:German text only.
    The Fugitive by Doug Linger
    Full Circle by Tal Greywolf - AdultM: [Very Good]
    Miavir:A man returns to his origins and finds a new beginning. Belongs to The Circe Treatment.
    Full Circle by Scar II - Adult
    This story is my final story dealing with Scar, my favorite character from "The Lion King", although I cannot stand the way Disney portrayed him in their masterpiece, and this is how I feel he should be portrayed as, a tragic hero if you will. I hope you enjoy my first attempt at furry fanficition/furotica.
    Miavir:Needs a password to unzip, which is available here.
    Part 3 of The Journal of Scar.
          Keywords:Lion King   M/F   Language   Oral
    Full Circle by Bob Stein
    One of the tales of Metamor Keep.
    Full Moon by Edwin L. jr. Wilson
    This is an unfinished work-in-progress. Future additions will be posted to the newsgroup alt.horror.werewolves as they are finished.
    Miavir:Basically about the transformation of a human into a werewolf.
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    Full Moon Fever by Andrew "Aethan" French - Adult
    Jack finds out about his lover's deep down dark secret.
    Backup:1 2
    Full Planet by Feech
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • A tale of the Heaven and Earth universe.

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