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S/M Dreams by Alura - Adult
S/M Dreams is a story about a girl who hopes to rise up from the lower levels of Grey existance some day. It explores the intricacies of power exchange in BDSM relationships and has a great deal of F/F content with some M/F thrown in. Definite BDSM themes. It is a part of the basis for a MUCK friends and I have put together called Castle Keep. If you like the story, check out the web page and then apply to join. :)
  • The Summons of Silva Marie
  • Preparation -- Bathing With Emily
  • Silva Marie
  • Revelations
  • The Summons of Richard Shawn Banon
  • Richard Shawn Banon
  •       Keywords:BD   SM   M/F   F/F
    Sabrina the Story by Chris FoxxM: [Very Good]
    This is based on the online comic strip created by Eric Schwartz.
    Miavir:Note that there is also a version for printing available.
  • Act 1 -- They Meet
  • Chapter 1   Backup
  • Chapter 2   Backup
  • Chapter 3   Backup
  • Chapter 4   Backup
  • Chapter 5   Backup
  • Chapter 6   Backup

  • Act 2 -- First Contact
  • Chapter 7   Backup
  • Chapter 8   Backup
  • Chapter 9   Backup
  • Chapter 10   Backup

  • Act 3 -- Best Laid Plans
  • Chapter 11   Backup
  • Chapter 12   Backup
  • Chapter 13   Backup
  • Chapter 14   Backup
  • Chapter 15   Backup
  • Chapter 16   Backup
  • Chapter 17   Backup
  • Chapter 18   Backup
  • Chapter 19   Backup

  • Act 4 -- Setting in Motion
  • Chapter 20   Backup
  • Chapter 21   Backup
  • Chapter 22   Backup
  • Chapter 23   Backup
  • Chapter 24   Backup
  • Chapter 25   Backup
  • Chapter 26   Backup
  • Chapter 27   Backup

  • Act 5 -- The Edge's Fray
  • Chapter 28   Backup

  • Act 6 -- Second Guessing
  • Chapter 29   Backup

  • Act 7 -- Back in the Groove
  • Chapter 30   Backup
  • Chapter 31   Backup
  • Chapter 32   Backup
  • Chapter 33   Backup
  • Chapter 34   Backup

  • Act 8 -- Friends and Lovers
  • Chapter 35   Backup
  • Chapter 36   Backup
  • Chapter 37   Backup
  • Sabrina's Dream   Backup
    Bonus Chapter

  • Act 9 -- Bringing a plan together
  • Chapter 38   Backup
  • Chapter 39   Backup

  • Act 10-- Coming Full Circle
  • Chapter 40   Backup

  • Act 11 -- Goodbye Columbus
  • Chapter 41   Backup

  • Act 12 -- Homecoming
  • Chapter 42   Backup

  • Act 13 -- Marking Territory
  • Chapter 43   Backup
  • Chapter 44   Backup
  • Chapter 45   Backup

  • One of the Stories of the Sabrinaverse.
          Keywords:Humor   Romance
     Species:Skunk   Fox   Bunny   Wolf   Squirrel
    Sad by Starling
    The unfathomed folly of obsession
     Species:Ape   Cat   Sheep
    Sailing on a different sea by Anthony Lion Needs Spellchecking
    This was the first ever furry story I wrote. It's bad, REALLY bad...

    I have decided to upload it for several reasons; to show that even if your first piece is crap there may still be hope for you, and also, the importance of an editor! It's also the reason that I use the alias Anthony Lion.

    I have NOT made any attempt to clean it up. It's EXACTLY as it was when it was abandoned a few years ago. I began writing it to get rid of some of the frustration I felt with the ongoing reorganisations at the office, the managements refusal to give me a decent pay, and a few other reasons. Unfortunately, I ran out of frustration before thee story was finished... (Or is that luckily :-) Anyway, I wrote it without a outline or plan, and have NO IDEA of what would happen next. I also have no plans to continue it, or even clean it up.

     Species:Ape   Feline   Raccoon
    Sailor Moon Saves the Furries by Jason Mitchell, Julie Herron
    This is a story that combines the two coolest fandoms on the Internet: Sailor Moon and Furrydom. You will enjoy this story no matter which one you like the best.
          Keywords:Sailor Moon   Fantasy   SF
    Sake To Me, Baby by Greg Williams
    Realizing their mistake, the Japanese throw everything they have to destroy the sake they left behind.
     Prequel:It's In the Booze
    Salvage by jonwI
    Hank and John accept a charter from a bunch of furrs that want to recover "treasure" from an old sunken ship. But something's not right. Is what they're doing legal? Drawn heavily from an old novel "The wreck of the Mary Deare", should anyone recognize the similarity. Not QUITE plagiarism (I hope)...
    A story from Water Wings
    Sam by Gre7g Luterman - AdultM: [Good]
    An erotic story of three best friends, a fox-morph, a bear-morph, and a badger-morph. Teenagers feel so deeply for each other but seldom realize that others feel for them just as strongly. Light-hearted spooge with an emphasis on the characters themselves.

    Miavir:This erotic story is available directly from Mr. Luterman's site after identifying onself as adult and obtaining a free password. The backup link requires no password.
          Keywords:Fantasy   Romance   M/F   Orgy   Teen
     Species:Fox   Badger   Bear
    Samantha by Skye Bluedeer
    The story of a young cervlon doe who finds her flashes of imagination a little too eerily real. Every time she goes to sleep, she dreams of a young Clydesdale Stallion named Jerric, and a young Clydesdale filly named Dalia. She dreams very vividly of their lives and doesn't know why. But she's too afraid of going to the Herd Stag for fear that he will be forced to deprive her of her powers and send her to a mundane world. So she follows their lives, and through her mental eye, learns a secret to the existence of the cervlons....
     Species:Deer   Clydesdale
    Sandy by WolfFang - AdultM: [Good]
    An abused dog gets a new lease on life.
    Miavir:The Zoo Keyword is only for the adult version, but even the Tame version is probably PG at best due to some violence at the beginning.
          Keywords:Zoo   Violence
     Species:Ape   Dog
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    Santa Noel Bear and Friends by Tkalina
    The first set of stories is actually a series about a little bear and a new-found friend, however each story can be read on it's own.
    Miavir:The backup links are actually the DOC, RTF, and ascii versions of the story.
          Keywords:Young Readers
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    Sarah Home Alone by Arilin - AdultM: [OK]
    About a cute half-faerie fox squirrel who comes into the GC on occasion, sometimes as a wolf, sometimes as a giantess. She says this took place before she could change her own size, but she could change that of others--so she's a relative giant here. I think this one's really cute, but remember that I'm a recovering sociopath. You might find it pretty raw, and if you know Sarah and don't want to know what evil things she's capable of, don't read this.
          Keywords:Macro   Violence   M/F   NC   Snuff
     Species:Squirrel   Fox   Ape
    Satisfaction by Watts Martin - Adult
    What if Clive Barker was a furry fan?
    Miavir:This gets pretty graphic and violent, you have been warned!
          Keywords:Fantasy   Violence   Snuff
    Backup:1 2
    A Satisfied Customer by Destrier
    Miavir:Sometimes satisfying a customer is easier than other times.
     Prequel:Pet Shop Exotica
    The Satisfied Mind by Will A. SanbornM: [Very Good]
    A human in love with a raccoon femme sadly realizes he must leave her. This story was partially inspired by the mood and lyrics to the Devo song it shares its title with.

    This story appeared in the Fanzine Fur Visions #6.

    Images:Except where noted, these images were drawn by Shannon Stuart, who can be contacted by mailing her dad, DeWayne Stuart.
    Illustration #1
    This is a concept sketch of Jessica.
    Illustration #2
    A color shot of Jessica in lovely her blue dress, ready to hit the dance floor with Dale.
    Illustration #3
    Dale confronts Jessica with the sad truth.
    Illustration #4
    Dale looks back sadly on Jessica after he's left her.
    Illustration #5
    This image was drawn by Bernard Doove, and it shows a different view of Jessica crying after Dale's left her..
          Keywords:Romance   SF   Graphics
    Satyr-day night Fever by Bob Stein
    Tale 5 of The Paradise Saga
    Satyrborn by Narzil Blade - AdultM: [Mediocre]
    My longest story; a young man seeks to have a mysterious curse lifted. Befriended by satyrs, their attempts to help him start changing him into one of them, but the man must still find his true nature...
          Keywords:Transformation   M/M   IIMYI   Fantasy
    Scaled Fun by Zalshek - Adult
          Keywords:M/M   Orgy
    The Scales of Power by T. A. Jones - Adult
    Skip Ruddertail: Terrian Ambassador Kyle Marloan must make a sacrifice for the sake of galactic peace.
    A tale of the Past Beginings series.
    Scarlet by Chris McKay
    A man gets a macaw statue... and a warning "There IS NO reversing it!"
     Species:Ape   Macaw
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    A scattering of Seeds by Gamble
  • Part 1   Backup
  • Part 2   Backup
  •       Keywords:SF

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