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Miavir: Added Zrask, A Left-Handed Sword, Thoughtless, The Fugitive, Sell By, and Ten Seconds.


Miavir: Added Christmas Time Is Here, And the Winner Is..., Quality Television, Space Pirates, Moldred The Malcontent's bio, and Tales to Titillate.


Miavir: Added College Is More Than Studying, Birth of an Oak, and Toys.


Miavir: Added Fang, Rrsh'Dhana's Diary, Everyday, Sailing on a different sea, and Anthrofiction Stories.


Miavir: Added Kim, First Meeting, Rob's Journal, A Date for a Change, Of Furs And Furies, and Every I In Team.


Miavir: Added The Bite of Fire, The Reluctant Meteor, Walrus Wally's Wet, Wild Water World, and A Piece of Work as well as Chapters 13-23 and all Interludes to The GreenMount Chronicles. Finally got the database on furry.de fixed again.


Miavir: Added The Statue, Finding Love at the Old Toad, Raquel's Trade and Random, as well as Chapter 41-45 of Sabrina the Story, Chapter 38-64 of ZZ Studios.


Miavir: Added Silber, MiLady and the Dragon, The Jade Dragon, and Unicorn Glade.


Miavir: Added Gone Wylde, Everlasting Night of Glory, First Night, Protector, and Sir Cain, the Dragonslayer, as well as Chapters 14-47 of Greg and Angie, and Part 21 of Starfox: An Erotic Story.


Miavir: Added The Visit, Café Personal, Just another day at the office, and The Raccoon's Bookshelf, as well as Book 3.8-4.3 of Anthropomorphic Foxes in Space..., and the Average day Episode of The Syrus Chronicles.


Miavir: Due to the demise of Paul S. Gibbs, I have placed MIA'S into mourning.


Miavir: Added Live and Learn, Change in My Life, and Man in the Mirror.


Miavir: Added Stacey's Secret, Origins, A Dragon's Tale, as well as Usagi Yojimbo and it's translation. As usual, RL has been keeping me away. Oh well, at least I was having fun :-)


Miavir: Added The Warmer Realms (Which is actually the english Translation of Die wärmeren Lande), Awakening, A Centaur Finds a Home, and A Centaur in Gangland.


Miavir: Added The Syrus Chronicles, The Slave and His Lover, Shadows and Light, What Goes Around Comes Around, A Friend In Need, and Inquiring Minds Want To Know, as well as parts 20 - 22 of A Leopard's Tail.


Miavir: Added New World Awaiting Round Robin, The Blackfur Chronicles, Snake Eyes, and Alien Tryst. Got back The Chosen Few.


Miavir: Added Dawn Sisters: Quest of Dracasis, The Failed Interval, and From An Antique Land, as well as the 'Kel's Plight' and 'Caged Madness' parts of Wolfstar, the 'Tonight' part of Surprise Party, and the 'Pacing the Temple' - 'The Lower Chamber' parts of Wolfhood.


Miavir: Added Nine Lives, Oasis, Skin Deep, Out of the Past, Change of Business, and Better Late Than Never.


Miavir: Added Moonfur, Always a Way Out, and Das Zweite Buch der Welten, as well as Chapter 6 & 7 of the latest Anthropomorphic Foxes in Space... Book, and Chapters 2-Epilog of The Beginning of Dreams. RL is still keeping me busy.


Miavir: Added Sake To Me, Baby, Flotsam, A Sound So Sweet, Radio Waves, Sound Of Love, and Old Habits, as well as Chapter 4 of Howler, and Chapter 9 of The FarCall Project. It's been a while since the last update, sorry, but RL has kept my busy :-/


Miavir: Added A Fox's Tale, Rava's Story, and Yin's Story, as well as Chapters 4-8 of The FarCall Project.


Miavir: Added The Late Night Meeting, Ulterior Motives, and From the Wings.


Miavir: Added Soldier-In-Training, Call It a Date, Workplace relations, and Final Furtasy VI.


Miavir: My, this has been a BUSY last month, sorry about the missing updates. Added Identity Crisis, Fifteen Minutes To Showtime, Cassie Meets Vixina, When You Least Expect It, By Dawn's Early Light, and Family Matters, as well as Chapter 5 of the latest Anthropomorphic Foxes in Space... Book. Collected all the Stories of the Sabrinaverse into one listing.


Miavir: Added Drei Tage, I Dream of Kristin, The Beginning of Dreams, Wood Chuckin', Sentence Reduction, and Hard Row, as well as Chapter 6 of Buccaneer.


Miavir: No changes, but www.fanarchive.net is back :-)


Miavir: Added The Ties That Bind, Wally & Me, and The Super Collie Adventures, as well as Chapters 4-7 of Star Dancer, and Chapter 4 of the latest Anthropomorphic Foxes in Space... book.


Miavir: Added MainFrame, Fur Wars - Balance Of Power, and Scent of a Cheetah, as well as Episode 2 of Blink Commander, the 'Awakening' episode of /To Serve and Protect/e, and Chapters 4 & 5 of Lupaka in Kanada. Unfortunately, www.fanarchive.net currently isn't allowing me access to it, so this update will only be visible on furry.de


Miavir: Added The Last Kiss, Karma for Sil and The Furry Central Furotic Story Archive, as well as parts 2-5 of Buccaneer. I had a small problem with updating, so this actually only appeared on the 6th, sorry about that. Also, www.fanarchive is acting up again, so this update will probably only be showing on the German Mirror.


Miavir: Added Just the Wrong Self, The Rainbow Effect, Dream Come True, and Mond.Schein.


Miavir: Added An Aquired Taste, Ravenwing and Stillfire, The GreenMount Chronicles, and Show Lion.


Miavir: Added Just The Usual, Impulses, The Island of Doctor Mordeau, Strange Visitor, Possessed!, Der weite Weg, and Punx.


Miavir: Added The Ethics of SCABness, Feeding the Multitudes, From the Depths, Graduation Day, Space Jam: After the big Game, Chicken Soup For The Would Be Chakat Soul, Real Chakats Don't Need Instructions, and Jennie's Rape, as well as Chapter 5 of Death - The adventure of life, Part 16 of Forest Tales, Chapters 34-37 of ZZ Studios, the 'Hidalgo Suns','The Mystery of Walkabout', and the special edition of 'Death of Gods' episodes of Blue Horizon. Sorry for the long absence, RL is currently taking up huge chunks of my free time. Please note that the e-mail address for the archive has changed, Click here for the new one.


Miavir: Added Death - The adventure of life, El Tesoro de las Sirenas, Returning Home, Untitled, Family Swim, The Origin of a Species, Sea Child, Behind Every Man..., The Edelweiss Killer, and The Essence of Art, as well as Chapter 3 of Howler.


Miavir: Added The Glass Mermaid, The tale of Blood Cove, Return, Tryst, and Catch the Knife, as well as an alternate Ending for The Human Memoirs, the 'Cold Fire' & 'The Deaths of Gods' episodes of Blue Horizon, and the 'Breaking-in' Episode of Trouble's Tales, which has been renamed to The Collected Tanj Stories.


Miavir: Added Humantaur Photos, Spirits Rising, As for Sly..., Songthief, and Shipwrecked, as well as the 'Hell-Spawned' and 'Awakening' Episodes of Tribulations,.


Miavir: Added Ms. 'Just Call Me Randi' Bunny, S/M Dreams, and Promises and Desires, as well as Chapter 3 of Book 3 of Anthropomorphic Foxes in Space..., and the 'Alura and Fisk Log' part of The Hall of Souls. A Rose in the Darkness has been finished.


Miavir: Added The Tutor, Sad, Winter Wolf, Foundling Wolf, and The Short Short Tail XChange. Also, the Furry Story Database Search Engine is back on the ao.net mirror.


Miavir: Added Jennie's Bondage Nightmare, Section X, Payment Due, The New Girl, Sleeping Chaos, The Fox River Regiment, Greg and Angie, and The Idea Factory, s well as the 'Dragon, Wolf & Tiger', 'The Easter Bunny', and 'Lost Behind the Wall' episodes of Blue Horizon, Chapters 39 & 40 of Sabrina the Story, Chapters 5 & 6 of Tabitha, Chapter 2 of Vengeance Is Mine, Chapter 3 of The FarCall Project, and Chapter 2 & 3 of The Jarner Rising, .


Miavir: Added A Matter of Damnation, Price of Failure, Kate & Jordan, Fur Of The Magi, Then I Got To Thinking, Lone Soldier, Fear, Löwenmond, and Buccaneer, as well as Chapters 31 - 33 of ZZ Studios. The update problem on www.fanarchive.net has been solved.


Miavir: Added A Little Something More in Life, Summer Lovin, Black Mood, Shudderings, and Die wärmeren Lande.


Miavir: I'm very sorry for the hiatus of one month's duration, it was for RL reasons too long to go into beyond mentioning I have a new employer. I'll be trying to catch up with the accumulated mail ASAP, but please don't resend me e-mail I haven't answered to for at least another month :-/ This Update will not show on ao.net due to a problem I hope to be able to solve in a few days. Added Lupaka in Kanada, Howler, One of the Gang, Quo Custodiet Ipsos Custodes, Blood of Retribution, and Blink Commander, as well as the Acclimating and Playtime episodes of To Serve and Protect.


Miavir: Added Two in One, The Twists in Life, The Specimen, Encounter Under the Moon, The Man on the Inside, and A Distant Visitor, as well as Chapter 8 of Unfinished Business, and part 5 of Complications.


Miavir: Added A Change in Life Styles, A Tortured soul, The Day After, and Taking Care Of need, as well as Chapter 2 of Book 3 of Anthropomorphic Foxes in Space..., and the 'Preview' - 'Presage' episodes of ZZ Studios.


Miavir: Well, as usual, RL conspired, I didn't get to upload the last two updates on the day that I did them, was unable to go online a week, then couldn't upload due to a minor program bug, then offline again for another week. Murphy, when I get my paws on you you're dog-meat. Oh well, better late than never.


Miavir: Added Payback's A....Kitty?, Tales of a Shitty Childhood, Best of Both Worlds, Vixen, Psi Team, Finding Limits, Neral Series, Unconditional Love, and Starfox: An Erotic Story, as well as the Teaser - Who got Who? parts of The Bitch is Back, and parts 4-8 of Friends Forever. I'm back after Eurofurence, sorry for the Hiatus without warning, but it was fun for me nonetheless :-) less fun was entering this update and then having my computer crash so it was lost and needed to be reentered, making it even later, but such is life. At long last here it is :-)


Miavir: Added This is the Face that we Show the World, Talking Mining Colony Holovid Blues, I Shift The Blame To The Worm In The Bottle, Sex and Fish and Rock n' Roll, The Only Thing That Shines, Ripples in the Stream, Kenny, Star of the Show, The Man Who Watched Seals, Frog Principles, Setting Records, Wishes Come True, And so They Met, Hell of War, and Reaching Out.


Miavir: Added Cass, Tamera, Werwolf, and Leaving Party.


Miavir: Added Everyone Knows..., Complaints, Blue Bear, Blue Bear, Breathe, Barefoot Centaur Ballet, Foxes make pretty good pets, but even better girlfriends, AnthroFiction Stories Home Page, The FarCall Project, Vengeance Is Mine, and The Jarner Rising.


Miavir: Added The Breaking Point, Pets2, Riding bareback, Ice, Furry Inc., Born In Pangelar, and Fate of the Hero, as well as the Conscience and Surprise episodes of To Serve and Protect.


Miavir: Added Mortar, The Second Turtledove, One Ticket Out, Alpha Team, New World Order, Secret Weapon, and Bub Takes Charge.


Miavir: Added Otter Summer, Calling all Stations, Box Of Delights, The Bond, Pagans, Flipping Channels, Like a Ghost, Night Moves, Solitude, Put up for-, The Price of Victory, War Letters, War's Survivors, Choices in Youth, Rain To Me, Pets are people too, and the Stories of the Dual Blade Universe, as well as Part 6 of Like An Animal, Part 2 of Royal Pane, and Chapters 6 & 7 of Light to Darkness: The Story of Ren. I lost most of yesterdays changes in an editor crash. I have tried to repair the losses, but I may have missed something. If I sent you e-mail yesterday saying I had made a change and it's not in the index today, please e-mail me about it.


Miavir: Added Skunkin on the Dock of the Bay, The Last White Night of an Unknown Voice, Pink, Figment, The Adventure, Freedom, Unfair Things, The Forests of Nacht, Rage From Chaos, BloodFang, and Creationism, as well as Chapter 10 of Earth Isn't So Bad and the 'Book Two' and 'Black Friday' books of Mundementia One. Storms Over Open Fields finally is actually being written.


Miavir: Added When She Loved Me, Spiral Bound, Stone Age, Winged Instruments, The Shore Line, The Keth-Ka and the Tems, and A Deer in Tech Support, as well as Part 19 of A Leopard's Tail. Samantha and Pogus have been finished.


Miavir: Added Out of Darkness, The Year of the Tiger, Bedtime Story, and The Hunted. Borderlines has yet again been updated in place. Furry Pleasures is back, but since they changed all URL's in a way to make changing them in the Index a non-trivial operation it may be a while to get to them all pointing correctly.


Miavir: Added Manipulation, Food Source, The Hunters, Life Lesson and The Deal: A Vignette, as well as Chapter 7 of Unfinished Business, Book Three of Anthropomorphic Foxes in Space..., and Chapters 23-25 of ZZ Studios. The database search problem has been fixed.


Miavir: Added Knock Knock Knock, Poolside View, A New Day, Free Will, and Secrets.


Miavir: Added Reptilian Beast Misunderstood, Everything That He Desired, and Herbal Lupine. The database demon on furry.de seems to be down currently, sorry for the inconvenience, we're working on it.


Miavir: Added Dawn Tyme, Tribal Legends, Winter Night, Equine Fiction, and The Whiteshadow Story, as well as Chapters 2 - 5 of Light to Darkness: The Story of Ren.


Miavir: Added Principle of Determination, PolitiCano and What the Market will Bear, as well as Chapters 18 & 19 of ZZ Studios, Part 5 of the second book of Anthropomorphic Foxes in Space..., Chapter 3 of Star Dancer. Some of you have been asking why updates have been so slow of late, rest asured I'm still alive, but VERY RL busy right now. Plus I'm writing a new version of the software for this Library that will hopefully remove the whole update speed problem. So, please be patient, I'm hard at work.


Added New Blood, Pride Rock, A Bad Day, and Never Again, as well as the 'Life's A Beach' Episode of Blue Horizon. Borderlines has been extended yet again. Oh yeah, and for those of you who had some problems yesterday and didn't realize why,... April Fools!! ;-).


Added Kyo Meets Sukhe, Maybe Someday, Ichiro, The Awardings files, The father of Blue escapes, Revenge is served to Blue, Blue and Frampy, a short story, The slightly inacurate history of BHS, as well as Chapter 9 of Thorhammer. Got back The Wreck of the Amanda K. Btw, if you keep hitting the wrong buttons, maybe you should get your mouse checked ? And I'm not as think as you drunk I am.


Added Lonely People, Green Orb, Blocks, A Quiet Town, A White area, Mutation Factor, The Burger Incident, Furry Public Reading, The Dentist, and Evening Falls, as well as Chapters 7 & 8 of Thorhammer, Part 6 of Unfinished Business,. Elf Sternberg has added a new Story titled 'Gravity' to his The Journal Entries of Kennet R'yal Shardik stories. The Software has been deeply hacked last week, so see if you find anything looking strange, and send me e-mail if you do.


Added The Levithian Saga, Thorhammer, Trinton Chronicles: New Genesis, Disillusionment, A Snow Leopard in the Pridelands, The Windy Day, Military Plonq, The Furvey From Hell, Just Another Day in All But Paradise, as well as Chapters 16 & 17 of ZZ Studios.


Added We're ALL Bozos on THIS Bus, Bheer Trek, and Dark One . Moon Dancer has been finished.


Added Days Like These, Soapbox Cat, Furs, Feathers, and Humans: A World Without Hope, and the Dimar stories.


Added Dinner, Wheels Within Wheels, Love Stinks, All in a Day's work, Nekobe's Birthday, Nekobe: At the Gym, and March Comes In Like a Lion.


Added Repentance, Akhenaten & Aye, Y2K, Flight of Fancy, Plonq's Promotion, Small Packages and Fairy Tale of New York.


Added Quickpaw, The College Years, The Lonely Stellar Guide to Chakona, Fractured Fairy Tale: Little Red Riding Hood, Fox With A Box, as well as Episode 2 & 3 of The Gambit Solution, Chapter 2 of Star Dancer, and Chapters 12 & 13 of Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright.


Added Feeding The Tigers, Journal of a Wolf-Hybrid, Vampires and Werewolves Don't Mix, Der Tag des silbernen Tieres, Das Weihnachtsturnier, Für Volk und Vaterland, Tribulations, as well as part 5 of Like An Animal, and parts 6-9 of the 'Castlevania' episode of Hero's Welcome. Brian has added some stories to The Velan Central Library - Terran Annex.


Added Salvage, The Wrong Person, and Keith's scenario, as well as the 'Interlude' part of If Music Be, and Chapter 15 of ZZ Studios.


Added Objects, The Pact, The Chronicals of Earth, True Love, No More Black, Lisa's Story, Garage, Muskytail, Escapement, Modus Vivendi, and Mutura as well as Chapters 3 - 6 of Danie, Chapter 3 of A Dog and Her Man, and Part 2 of Red Tide Rising.


Added The Cat and the Wolf, Midnight at the Lost and Found, and Anilam IV, as well as Chapter 5 of Haven, and Chapter 4 of Tabitha. Toraneko and Packard has been extended. I've gone through the checkbot error reprot once, and lowered the error rate from 9 to 1 percent ;-) Unfortunately, this means there are lots more Stories on my Lost Stories page, please have a look there to see if you know any new URLs' for these. I also managed to get the Furry Story Database Search Engine back online.


Added Clean Getaway, Exodust, The Road Not Taken, Shattered, and RTHSG, as well as Chapters 2 - 5 of Unfinished Business. Borderlines has been extended again. Redid Links for The Spokane Brawl and added the 'Adrian's Head 10' Episode to it. More Linkfixes.


Added Rachel's Collar, Easy Money, Cinosanap Meets a Stranger, The Forest Demon, A Gift From The Wild, An Unexpected Visit, New Tricks, and Wulf/Wolf, as well as parts 17 & 18 of A Leopard's Tail, and Chapters 8 & 9 of Gina: Mermaid's Legacy. Oodles of Linkfixes,... I'm almost through the error report.


Added TSAT: Transformation-related Stories, Art, and Talk, Furreal 2 Nights Dawn, Antidisestablishmentarianism, Unravelings, Ashes to Ashes, Mod_lava, and Acceptance, as well as Chapter 14 of ZZ Studios, and Part 3 of The 'Taur Next Door. Also did a ton of linkfixes, with more to come.


Added The testing, The Song of Prey, We Come in Peace, A Fairy Tale About a She-Wolf, She, Skyline King, My Little Private paradise, Blackie, Little Big Friend, Another Fairy Tale, and Just a horse.


Added Earth Isn't So Bad, We the Lost, Anchorless, Johnny Got His Fur, Resolutions, Tangent Moon, To Console, Pokemon Master, Friction, and A matter of Necessity, as well as the third part of Träge fließen die Tage. New World Awaiting has been updated.


Added Anthropomorphic Foxes in Space..., Woof!, Diaries of a Skunktaur, and Toraneko and Packard, as well as the 'The Green Eyed Monster' episode of The Collected Tanj Stories.


Added The Nighthawk Adventures, Blue Horizon, Haven, ZZ Studios, and Tabitha, as well as Chapters 33-36 of Sabrina the Story.

Changes for the Year 1999.

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