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Changes to MIA'S in the Year 1999

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Added To Every Season, The 'Taur Next Door, and As Stars, Like Miriad Drops In The Night..., as well as the Becoming As One Episode of The Admiral & the Chakat, and the A Busy Day tale of Tales Of The Foxtaur Clans.


Added Nemesis, Dragon's Eye, Jungle Goddess, Gates of Steel, Blue Summer Sky, Family Man, Condensation, Tara's Story, Trying to make his way home, Under Cloud and Under Sky, My Wife As a Dog, Star Commandoes, Air Show, Fates in View, A Merc's Life, and Changes of Passion. Collected several stories into People of Fur. Also note that The Journal Entries of Kennet R'yal Shardik has a new story named 'First Flight'. Due to circumstances beyond my control, the database search engine is currently not in working order, sorry about that.


Added Avatars, The Long Road, Rough Day,Enclave, The Birth of A New Earth, Flipside,Hidden Affections, On a Hot Summer Night, Crazy Kitty with the Shiny Shoes and the Cow that Jumped Over the Moon, and The Revelation.


Added the 'Welcome to Camp Triconda', 'Recovery' and 'Feelings' substories of Sheep in Wolf's Clothing, the 'Unthinkable Deeds' Episode of Forest Tales, the 'Games of Life and Love' tale of The Admiral & the Chakati, the 'A Complex Answer' and 'Around the House' parts of A Fox in the Works.


Added Bioforge, Puzzle Pieces, Family Decisions, Infiltration, baggage class, Breakfast, The Reeducation of a User, Ahead of Time, as well as Chapters 8 - 10 of Worlds Apart. As usual RL has been throwing me curves to keep me from working too much on the Index :-P


Added The Shifter, Fleeing the Dollhouse, Mentalnet, The Price of Purpose, Royal Pane, The Change begins, and Escape, as well as Chapters 30 - 32 of Sabrina the Story, and the 'Die Expedition' part of Wo kommen wir her?. Sorry it's been a while since the last update, but RL career concerns were more important for a while there.


Added Unfinished Business, The Golden Light, Visions in the Wind, Vision Quest, Find Your Own Truth, In A Just Cause, Giza's Furry Archives, Temptress. as well as the 'Causality' - 'A Simple Answer' parts of A Fox in the Works, the last part of The Courier, Parts 3 & 4 of Like An Animal, Part 5 of Wolfstar, Part 2 of Surprise Party. Also collected several of Razee's tales into the Paladin Tales.


Added The Test, Worlds Apart, Excavation, Scaled Fun, Loni's Crime and Punishment, and Dull Sword, as well as the 'Chewsday' Part of Wolfhood.


Added The Stranger, Simplicity-Complicated, Ayanidia, Red, The Joining, and Messenger of the Guardians.


Added Getting Away, Foxcar Falls, The W-OtterHole, and collected them into FurLife, also added The Hedge Maze, Just a Little Rainy Night Tail, A Christmas Tale, Walls of Stone, The Fur's time, A Ride Home, A Tasteful Moment, Sporty Morning, Of Staffs and Rods, Tackled From Behind, True Romance, Rivers of life, Things in Common, New Arrivals, New Arrivals, the Alternate Story, The Movie Theater, Caged, Surprise Party, 2 Foxes Meet in the Woods, Buttfucked and the beast, The Mystical Land of Furries, and Coyote, as well as Parts 3 & 4 of Wolfstar.


Added Strangers In The Night, Like An Animal, Hybride Hochzeit, Ausserhalb, Memento Mori, as well as the 'Punishment' part of The Collected Tanj Stories, and Chapter 9 of A New Dawn, also Borderlines has been updated.


Added A scattering of Seeds, Extra, Extra!, Predator and Prey, as well as Chapter 28 & 29 of Sabrina the Story, and part 16 of A Leopard's Tail. Got back The Hunt, Kindred Spirits, The Party, and lost almost all Water Wings stories due to Todd G. Sutherland's closing his site for now.


Added The Plushie Saga, Strikeline, Street Justice, Sole Survivor, Gornul_TBP, and Pool Party.


Added Sabrina the Story, Zoroaster, Cat Fancy, A Worthwhile Pursuit, Logbook of Lemmuel Cliffdiver, How do you Inspire Me?, At the End of Time, The Trouble with Troubleshooting, Against all Odds, The Duel, Mid-Life Crisis, A Right Turn, Fast Passage, and A Rescue, as well as the 'Turnabout' Episode of The Collected Tanj Stories, Chapter 36 - Epilog of A Question of Honor and Chapter 11 of Aquarius, which has lately been rewritten. New World Awaiting has been updated, same for Teen Round Robin.


Added Into the Darkness, Too Much Cold Pizza, Rage, Enemy of the State, Travels and Misplacements, The Trouble With Gerbils, The Fur Inside, Helping Hand, A New Beginning, Remembrances, School Daze, Were Ever, The Museum Piece, Deep Space Fur, and Starfleet Academy. The Knothole Public Library has been renamed Mobian Central Library.


Added And I wondered..., The life of the Party, Roger's Creation. Let Sleeping Dolls Lie, The Gift of the Woods, Time On His Hands, Big-Gulp Story Library, White Knights: Origin, Solo Destinies, as well as the final part to Party Animals, which has been renamed to Trickster's Gold.


Added Tales Told by the Fire, Roots, No Greater Love, Body by Harmani, The Daily Grind, A Quiet Night, Blew Knight, Passenger Pigeon 13, The Unicorn Club, Soft Dragons, I'll Be Home With Bells, A Cautionary Tale for Pet Owners, Hollywood Fever, Taken by dreams, Das Katzenlabyrinth, and Verborgene Welten.


Added Translations, Sedgewood, Roamin' Holiday, Stranger in the Mirror, Rain Dance, Tears, Seeds of Deception, Points of Intersection, Falling, Shifting Tides, The Furry Dreamer, Feral, Delirious, and A Rose in the Darkness, as well as Chapter 35 of A Question of Honor and Part 4 of the 'The Battle that Never Was' episode of The Collected Tanj Stories.


Added Friends Forever, A Strange Treat, Two Thumbs up?, Wolfhood, Little Lover, as well as Chapters 3-5 of Love In The Electronic Age, Part 5 of Tales from the Outlands, and Chapter 34 of A Question of Honor. Still working hard to get the Database fully integrated.


Added Werevacation, The Curse, A Marked Man, Love Long Past, Change Lady, On the Couch, A Gentle Touch, The Long Ride into Morning, Darwinian Id, Love Carrot, The Inconvenience Of Proper Dress, The Man Who Didn't Care For Looks, Faulty Goods, More Human Than Human, Jurassic Prank, Cower, Christmas Crisis, and Bio-Illogical Warfare.


Added To Serve and Protect, Detective Zane, Ranger Rick, Moon Dancer, and To meet a stranger. As you may have noticed, Furry Pleasures is back, though updating irregularly. I added a Quick Search Page.


The Index has changed a lot in the last few months, and now it's time to make those changes official. Have a look at the new Status of MIA'S. Added One Life Too Many, Prismo's Changeday, His Magesty's Freightway, Rabbit!, and Alone in the Dark, as well as part 5 & 6 of Danny, part 2 of A Scent of a Rose, books 2 - 4 of The Teachings of a Gryphon, and part 2 of A Bedtime Story of Gryphons.


Added Sandy, as well as Parts 2 &3 of the 'The Battle that Never Was' episode of The Collected Tanj Stories, Chapter 7 of A New Dawn, Chapters 17 - 19 of The Courier, Chapter 15 of A Leopard's Tail, and Story The end of Barken, TX. Also Sheep in Wolf's Clothing seems to have been majorly rearranged, and a 6th Chapter added, and Godsend's 15th Chapter is now available in a reformatted version.


Added 'Taurtails!, False Winds, Visits From Home, The Privilege of Serving, Encounter in the Market, House of Secrets, Hunters and Hunted, A Lie Conceived, New Beginnings, Political Intrigue, and Time For A Change.


Added Unexpected Jumper, Homework, Missy and Belle, The First Experience, Kellee, The Trap, and Tales from the Outlands, as well as author Direwolf.


Added Exam, Aging Gracefully, Live and Let Die, Delights and Diversions, Dialogues, Diplomacy, Zin-Gll'Hanaan, Message From Beyond, Recon, Friendships and Other Things, Hope, Crushed, Hope, Rediscovered, Surprising Developments, Picking up the Pieces, Deceived, Disturbing Thoughts, and Let It Loose.


Added Welcome Home, When a unicorn mates to a demon, and Unknown Heroes, as well as two evil versions of Dealing with a Incubus. Lots of URL and Bug fixes.


Added Full Circle, A Shoving Match, Perceptions of Evil, Cat and Mouse, In the Tower, Decisions, Somehow Here Again, Declarations of Allegiance, Picnic, and Snips and Snails, as well as Chapters 28 - 33 of A Question of Honor, and the 'The Battle that Never Was, part 1' Episode of The Collected Tanj Stories.


Added Busy Schedule, Casting, A Little Diddy, Annual Checkup, Clothing, Heart-Is-True, Conquering a Dead Man, Dancing with Shadows, Love & War, Genocide, The Prisoner, and Borderlines, as well as Part 15 of Godsend.


Well, it's been a very busy Month RL, so almost no updates. Howevere, I DID manage to add new links for most of the Metamor Keep Stories. Added authors SR Foxley, and stories A Small Repair, Winds of Destiny, Long Beneath the Keep, Writer's Conference, Duke of Metamor?, Faith, Trust and Hope, Cloud Seeding, Raining Cats and Dragons, The Hunt, A Place Where There Is No Darkness, A Long Patrol, Increasing Winds, Christening, The Forgotten Realm and Oren. Now up to 96 e-mails left in the queue,... Oh my God!,... it's breeding ! :-P ;->


Added Merlin meets ISO9000, Tales Of The Foxtaur Clans, The Gambit Solution, and Chronicals of the Black Guard, as well as Chapter 3 - 6 of A New Dawn. Removed Thomas Pluck's stories by his request. A lot of bugfixes, and only 58 e-mail left in the queue   :-/   ;->


Added anthology Got Fox ?, stories Romul, Blind, Royalton, Imagine you, To a tigress, Hunting dog, Cinnamon and Freela, Consecration, Learning, Exercise, Strip Tease, Decisions, decisions, Peepshow, Here There be Dragons, The Submissive, Tan, A New Beginning, Goodbye, and The Pledge, as well as authors Razee, Kaa Starhunter, Kindar Ra'Harashal, Nameless Wolf, and Balaam.


Added Denworld: Imperfect, Blizzard, Checking In, The Scales of Power, Pirate Chronicles: A Foxian Surprise, What Makes Aroo?, Room Mates, Guard Duty, Friendship, Checkmate, Problems, mental and otherwise, Together, True Nature, Discoveries, and Lutin Memoirs, as well as Chapter 2 & 3 of Awakenings. Combined listing for several stories into Past Beginings, and Great Galactic War.


Added Author Stangya Stolyko, and The Blues Hound, stories Fetish, Ward, Idle Afternoon, Compatibility, Gornul, The Otter's Wish, The Outsider, Requiems for the Shadow People, Mandragora, and Die Meuterei der THOR, anthology Furry Public Library, as well as parts 21 - 27 of A Question of Honor. I'm about half done on the backlog by now.


Added Authors Skye Bluedeer, Maureen, and RenWolf, as well as the final part of Marik, the 'Lord Xylex's Revenge', 'Explanations', & 'Marooned' parts of The Collected Tanj Stories, and Chapter 5 of the Castlevania Episode of Simion.


Added Plonq's Christmas Visitors, Rite of passage, Wild and Crazy, as well as Part 16 of The Courier, Part 5 & 6 of Future Form, Parts 13 & 14 of A Leopard's Tail. Still processing old mail, still having trouble finding time ;-/


Added Nearly Worthless, Drink, The Gift, Dairy, Aftermath, Spellcaster, Great Divide, A Time Machine, Frost, Jaywalking, Passage, Backstage at the Passion, The Last Remaining Wonder in the World, Waking Up With Strangers, Fire From Heaven, The Mark of the Divigon, Future Form, and At The Mountains of Cuteness, as well as Part 15 of The Courier, Part 18 - 20 of A Question of Honor, and the final Chapter of Artist's Light. Also combined several stories into the Human Extinction Agency Universe. Things proceed apace, I'm still processing the pile of E-Mail, so don't worry if your mail has not been processed yet. If you just have to send mail anyhow, please use the new e-mail address, the old one is going away soon.


Well, I've finally managed to get this Index working again. Not much new here yet, just bugfixes, URL updates, a new e-mail addy and such. There will be more later. For the lowdown on what's up, look here. Added Part 13 & 14 of The Courier, and Part 14 of Enterprise Unbuilt.

Changes for the Year 1998.

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