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Changes to MIA'S in the Year 1997

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Added Animal Instinct, Joey. I wish you a meowry Christmas and a happy New Year. Bye until January, Miavir.


Added The Gift, Happy Birthday, No News Is Good News?, Oh Dear, The Confessor, The Rainy night, and A Prince and his Castle, as well as Part 4 of Complications, Part 19 as well as the Fursonae Dramaticus of Tails of the City, and Part 2 of The Village . In a major Ooops, my departure date for christmas vacation has moved up one week, thus you have only until tomorrow the 13th of December to reach me.


Added Familiarity, Night Knights, and Problems. As usual, I'll be offline during the christmas/newyear time, starting with 20.December. If you want something added here, send me e-mail before then, or you'll have to wait.


Added Hard Times, A View from the Fence, A Wolf in the fold, and The Jaws of the Wolf, as well as Part 5 of The Perpetual and Chapters 18 of A New Millennium and Tails of the City.


Added the authors Silent Red, Sylvester Xavier Fox, Richard Manning, and Matt Bermann, as well as Chapter 36 of Light on Shattered Water, and Chapter 17 of Tails of the City.


Added The Redwall Adventure, A Wolf in Samurai's Clothing, Mating Outside Your Species, Just another day in the pack, Turnabout, BunnyFox, MouseFox (my, what imaginative titles these two have), A Surprising Night, The Village, and the author KillJoy, as well as Parts 3 & 4 of It's a Sad Life We Live, Chapter 13 of The Life of Faral, and Part 2 of A Trip Into Time. Note: A friendly mouse in my friend's house has been rewritten, and Another 'Piece of Tale' from Twilite has been finished.


Added Old Soldiers and it's corresponding universe Heroes of The Reconstruction. Also added That's Amore, as well as Chapters 15 - 17 of A New Millennium, Chapter 15 & 16 of Tails of the City, the 'Crew Assignment' - 'Just Another Normal Day' Episodes of 'S1', and Chapter 3 of Stormking.


Added Joining the Circle, Night Swimming, The Hyperion Works, and The Mermaid's Song, as well as Chapter 12 - 14 of Tails of the City, and Chapter 10 of Artist's Light. Changed the 'news' link for Double Stripes.


Added Werewolf Legends from Germany, To Never Set Foot Upon the Ground, For Whom the Stars Do Not Shine, and For Whom They Worship Not, as well as Parts 2-4 of The Perpetual. Got back Coyote's last hack, thanks to Charlie Luce. Renamed 'Tahamaki's Writing' to A Piece of Youth.


Added The Witching Hour as well as Chapter 14 of A New Millennium. Also added illustrations to More Than Just a Failure, The Satisfied Mind, The Scent of a Mephit, and Chapter 7 of Forest Tales. Also note that Mr. Doove has extended Chapter 10 of Forest Tales slightly.


Added Lions have been known to Scrounge for food in the Wild, as well as Chapter 10 of Forest Tales, and Chapters 11-13 of A New Millennium.


Added a Dramatis Personae for Forest Tales, and Chapter 3 of The Strange Ones. Also new: Several German Tales: Das Tier, the works of Markus Pristovsek, and Les choses éternelles.


Added Academy Tails: "Orientation", Tail, The Naked Assassin, and Clothes make the ..., as well as Chapter 5 - 10 of A New Millennium, and Chapter 7 - 11 of Tails of the City.


Added Peace, a continuing love story, Study Session, Auction Night, Homecoming, Nekobe, It's a Sad Life We Live, From Here To Eternity, Skunk story, Good Morning, Chronicles of the Magi: A New Love, The Fox and the Wolves, Bath Time, The Transformation, Indulgence, as well as Chapter 12 of The Life of Faral, and Chapter 9 of Forest Tales.


Added Arthur J. Pearson's stories, Yiff Control, and The Scent of a Mephit, as well as Part 5 of The Admiral & the Chakat, and Chapter 2 of Tales from the Screaming Flea.


Added the Internet Gadget Archive, as well as Part 4 of The Admiral & the Chakat. Got back A Matter Of Life & Death, and A Night In Babs' Room.


Added Remembrance Reinspired, Scourge, Esrever, The Second Banana, Four Shadows, and Foxes and Shadows. Corrected the following outdated links: Michael J. McGee, and Gargoyles Fanfiction. Fixed the link for The Strange Ones


Added The Perpetual, Cold Shower, Mentem Vim, and You're Expected.


Added The Magic of Oz, Outpost, You're an Animal; You know that, don't you?, A New Millennium, It Could Happen, Metamorphose, and Der Gelbe Diamant. Btw, I'm not intentionally slighting furry stories that aren't english or german, feel free to email me about any you know of that are available to WWW.


Added Final Devotion, Behind the Scenes, Nex, Fifteen Minute Break, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, A Less Then Personal First Time, Subway Ride, A Trip Into Time, Guy Stuff, Dealing with a Incubus, and Fursuit Surprise, as well as Chapter 10 & 11 of The Life of Faral, Chapter 3 of Khiar's Voyage, and Part Two of The Moondog.


Added Author Ken Stone, and Corneria -- StarFox Mission Base.


Added Undocumented Features, A fan's treatise on the state of Furry Comics, Smart Weapons, and An offer you Can't refuse, as well as Chapter 35 of Light on Shattered Water.


Things have been a bit slow lately for the Index. Added BioWeapon-1, The Auction, and Wolf Tips.


Added Cyberdogwha, Speak Roughly to your Evidence, Goon Show Snippet, Kings Of Rainmoor, Ghosts of Rainmoor, Aquarius, Till Death Do Us Part, Ilirira's Curse. Managed to loose the entry for 16.09.97, then redid it from memory, so what you see here might not be complete.


Got back the contents of Avatar due to the Avatar Backup at FurNation, which has been graciously provided by James A. Robertson (send him hugs and thanks :-). Also got back TimeFox`s archive, this has been a good day for getting back stuff. Added A friendly mouse in my friend's house, The Moondog, Red Love in the Woods, If At First, Foxy Guys, The New Found Friend, Workplaces, Robert & Jase, and Tails of Two Fursuits. Chapter 6 of Larana, the Chosen One is now correct. I've also added a new feature to the Index: a Keyword Lookup System that even lets you lookup by species.


Added A Gift Befitting A Princess, and A Soldier's Tail, as well as the 'Getting Malled' and 'Green Lantern's Light' Episodes of Tails of the City.


Added The Satisfied Mind.


Added Little Red Riding Hood, as well as Part 3 of Fire and Trails, and the 'Once More, Unto the Breach' episode of 'S1'.


Put in The Storytellers Circle's new address. Added The Threads of Time.


Added Episode 2 & 3 of The Admiral & the Chakat, As well as illustrations for Chapter 5 of Forest Tales.


Well, I'm finally back from EF 3 (where I had lots of fun, the only problem is it was too short :-) Added Witch's Promise, Voyages of the Sea Fury: Aili's Tale, The Ring of Stones, A Bear Fantasy, A Very short piece, The story of Max, Four Legged Blues, Unicorn Dreams, as well as the final chapter of Journey of the Spellthief and the Minstrel, Chapter 8 of Forest Tales, and Chapter 9 of The Life of Faral.


Added Shadow of Oblivion, Nothing Personal, as well as Chapter 34 of Light on Shattered Water, and renamed Sonic Short Stories to The Knothole Public Library. This is the last update for almost 2 weeks, wish me fun at EF 3


Added Legacy of the Keepers, Fire Fish, Running Scared, Lone Wolf, Final Curtain, and a Witch on Christmas Eve. Starting 16th, I'll be offline for 2 weeks to attend Eurofurence 3. If you want anything added, get it to me before then :-)


Added A Night In Babs' Room, A Matter Of Life & Death, and the Pooch Patrol. Changed the name, cause it seemed more appropriate,... plus the Acronym is also neat :-)


Added The Paradise Saga, The Gifted Saga, The Circe Treatment, Self-Help, What If ?, Break In, Teen Round Robin, The Admiral & the Chakat, Satyrborn, In the Paws of the Enemy, A Joint Interrogation, Marked, Let Him Now Speak, The Talkmice, and Complications, as well as Chapter 7 of Forest Tales, and Chapters 6 & 7 of Vanity.


Added She Knew That The Hand Was Upon Her, Dreams In the Plush House, Loving the Alien, Shoggoths and Swashbucklers, Strike Angel, The Fluff At The Threshhold, Toho Academy, A Question of Honor, Vixen Paranoia, Who Is Like Unto The Beast?, and I, Ralya, as well as Chapter 9 of Artist's Light.


Got back Buster's Guide to unconsummated Romance, and added Tiny Toon Adventures Fan Fiction Archive . Thanks go to Dennis Hurst for those two (and to Quozl and 'bear', who also sent me independant verification :-). Added Authors Kyle Griffin, John Boulton. Fiddled around a bit to make author names look more natural.


I've spent several days tracking down stale links and missing files in the Index, my thanks go to the authors of checkbot without which the task would have been nigh impossible. However, this of course means there are quite a few new additions to the Lost Stories page, have a look there and tell me if you can help me with any of those. Added Remembrance, Katina: The Feral Planet, and The Strange Ones.


Added Diversions, The Dream, Wer zuletzt lacht!, A Night of Wishes, The Arena, A sculpture in Slavery, Another 'Piece of Tale' from Twilite, Fairy Tales With A Twist #2 - Goldie and the Bruins, Silver Bullet Revisited, as well as Chapter 8 & 9 of The Life of Faral. Fixed some rather silly errors in the software that were making some author's pages unfindable.


Added Space the Final Funntier, Auspicious Guest, Hallowed Ground, The Odd Couple, Ice, A Knight To Remember, A Starfish Is Born, Everything's Wild, updated Gina: Mermaid's Legacy, and finally did a full Index of Barken, TX. Which brings the Index above 1000 Files indexed :-)


Added 'S1', as well as Chapter 8 of Journey of the Spellthief and the Minstrel.


Added Picies' Story, Ecri, Tails of the City, and Tahamaki's Writing, as well as Chapter 6 of Forest Tales, and Part 2 of Fire and Trails. Got back An evening with a friend.


Finally managed to get around to indexing The Blind Pig fully. Which is good since there are a few new stories in it. Also added The Mutates.


Added White Innocence, The Mad Season, as well as Chapter 5 of Static Potentials.


Added Lewis's story, Final Exams, When the Sun Sets, Things That Go Bump in the Night, Another Tale of Apocalypse, The Jungle Book, Vixen, Another tail of wars and vixens, A Wolf Tail, A tail of wolves, clans and someone special to them, Another Tail of Horny Wolflings, as well as Chapters 5 and 6 of The Life of Faral, and Chapter 5 of Vanity.


Added Turning Point, The Louis Lightpaw Anthology, The Courting and Chapter 33 of Light on Shattered Water.


Added Chasing Inspiration and Chapter 7 of Journey of the Spellthief and the Minstrel.


Added Full Circle, Gina: Mermaid's Legacy, and All For My Lady ....


Added Sea Vixen, Eldritch Hop, and The Marble Faun.


I've just learned avatar will be down until 11. July. This means all links to it will not be working, don't bother complaining to me about it. (I'll change the links to their new address ftp.furry.org in a few days, don't bug me about those either :-)


Added Buddy Boy, The Great Icecream Parlor Shoot-out, The Day The Universe Changed, Halloween, A Teen Thing, Dragonsbane, Dragon's Greed, Frost and Fire, Payback, Titanic, and Family Ties as well as Part 9 of The Mirror Cracked. This brings the Index solidly above 500 Stories indexed, just in time for the second year aniversary of the archives being created on 10.07.95. WOW, this thing has certainly worked out beyond my highest imaginations. I'd like to thank all the authors who made it possible, and all the people who kept telling me about where to find stuff :-)


Added Fire and Trails, Lizard, Worldwide Dispatches, Just Because You're Paranoid, Blood and Thunder, Son of Barney, Death Zone Purple, and The Call of B'Harni.


Added Overpowered, Khiar's Voyage, Mind over Matter, The Reluctant Prince, Full Moon Fever, Lessons Learned, Essence of Memory, Lord Siris' Castle, Pinups and Just another wet-dream.


Added Sailor Moon Saves the Furries, Pet Shop Exotica and it's sequel A Satisfied Customer.


Added The Purpose, Centaur Mania, and The Character.


Added Chipmunk, Chipmunk, Fallen, Red Hood, Another Lusty Tail, Reassurance, Cilain's Thoughts, Predators' Plaything, and chapter 4 of The Life of Faral.


Added Knight of the Dragon, An evening with a friend, The Truth About Redstone Ridge, The Pantry is Bear, To Slip the Surly Bonds of Earth, and Wolf in the House.


Added Werewolf,Flashback,Ysengrin's dream, Legends Live On,On the inside looking out, Prey, Realism of Change, The Walk, The Tooth, The Whole Tooth, and Nothing But The Tooth, A Tale of Two Wolves, Change of Seasons, Historical Revisionism, Little Boy Lost, The Morning After, and two Illustrations to In the Dragon's Lair.


Added authors Brian Eirik Coe, and Kurt Cagle.


Added The Winds of Change, and The Blind Pig.


Added Chapter 2-8 of The Human Element, as well as the stories The Mirror Cracked, A Bottle of Dreams, Napoleon and the Genie, Costume- Vixen, Golden, and The Mystery Boy.


Added The Great Round Robin Experiment, and Chapter 32 of LoSW.


Added Author Sky Ronin, Tim E. Morgan, the TAG project, and Chapters 3 & 4 to the Vanity Story.


Added authors David Alway and Nancy Janda as well as stories When Thomas met Capri, Ranalee VI and the Zhytarii'khen Chapter to the Static Potentials Story.


Added Magic Centaur Wine, and Barken, TX.


Added Authors Terry Knight, and Bernard Doove, as well as Cat Operating Manual, Stormking, and Chapter 6 of Journey of the Spellthief and the Minstrel. Changed the name of the page to reflect that this is more an index than an archive or collection.


Added The Story of Doctor Dolittle, and Briendon's First Hunt.


Added The Story of Digipeter Rabbit, Send Lawyers, Guns and Money, How the Leopard got his spots, and The Jungle Book.


Added Coyote's last hack and Starborn.


Added Terra Formers, and Watcher's Purchase. Inserted a few descriptions for NightCat's stories thanks to his pages. Fiddled a bit with layout.


Added Battle Scars, Torches Carried, Secrets Buried, Lady In Red, Two Wolves and a Fox, Tale of the Harpy, The Striped Quill, Chapter Three of The Life of Faral, Vanity, and The Butterfly.


Added Fox Story, Centaur with a Foot Fetish, Gay Centaur Bar, and A Leap of Faith Part 2 in the Static Potentials Story.


Added The Third Rainbow, and substories Molly's Story, Russu's Story and Russu's Story: The Escape.


Well, it looks like the server is up again,... but I wasn't made any promises about how stable it is. We'll see. Added the first part of A Leap of Faith to the Static Potentials story.


Due to circumstances beyond my control, the DFKI webserver will be offline for about a week, making it impossible to read this archive. I'll try getting a backup working as soon as I can.


Added Painful Memories.


Ok, I'm back again. Added Chapter 5 of Journey of the Spellthief and Minstrel, Part 2 of The Life of Faral, as well as the Authors Time Fox, Aethan, and NightCat. Corrected the attribution for 'Dragons and Unicorns', and expanded 'Day of the Barney' into 3 stories.


Added LOSW 31. Note that I will not be updating this archive or responding to e-mail until after Thursday. See also announcement for 26.03.97.


Added Author Matt Hunt.


Added Discovery and Eclipse.


Added the author Barney.


Added Dirty Rabbits.


Added The Life of Faral and Foxina, Boojum, and Afril.


Added Moon Goddess.


Added Faded Celluloid Dreams.


Added author David Piccola, the Gargoyles fanFic Archive, and the story The Human Element. Got back The Darkest Night. Note: Due to RL events beyond my control, I may be unable to pay much attention to the upkeep of this archive for a few days. I'm sorry for this, but it is unavoidable, so please bear with me.


Added Leo and the oddities of life and Tales from the Screaming Flea. Lost The Darkest Night. Hey, new stories are coming in slower, c'mon everybody, write faster ;-)


Added Journey of the Spellthief and the Minstrel 4. Fixed a few mistakes.


Added Wings and Marked, and inserted text/doc versions of several others of Todd Sutherland's older stories. Inserted illustrations for The Game of the Hunt.


It looks like the Mirror site is gone again :-P. Added Leo and his world. The story Dragon has had a chapter added to it..


Added NightBane - Foxes and Shadows and LOSW 30.


Added Tales of The Black-Rose, Memorial Day, Little Red Riding Hood, The Hidden Jungle Books, Override, and Centaur Friends.


Added Rabbit Pens, The Spokane Brawl, and Proper Form.


Added The Imagination Chronicles, The Backyard Wall, and UH-OH!.


Added Toons.


Removed Sean Thomas's stories <sigh>.


Added Part 3 of Journey of the Spellthief and the Minstrel.


Added Voyages of the Sea Fury - The Tale of the Jeweled Cross.


Added Desperation, Blue-eyed Diamond, and My lover is a dragon. Spiffed up a few of the descriptions for Allen Kitchens Stories, Thanks Allen.


Added When you return..., Mystico Unchained, as well as Parts 2 of Journey of the Spellthief and the Minstrel and Unexpected Visitor.


Added Dragon, The Chronicles of the Seraphim, Cat Pegasus, and The Camp .


Added Unexpected Visitor and Closed Circle.


Fixed pointers to Astoreth's stories. Got back DoubleStripes (sort of). Added the Absolute Zero Stories.


Added LOSW 29 and a few story descs.


Bugfixes. Added Author Shinchan (from whom I shamelessly snarfed a quote. Thanks Shinchan :-).


Well, I'm finally back, and the changes have of course piled up. Due to some help by Bryan Feir and Dr. Samuel Conway First Love is back. The problem with Aimee is fixed. I added the Authors Rogue, Constance Cochran, Rogue Kzin, Lambert and Redvane. Also added were the Macrophilic Fantasies Archive and the Sonic Short Stories Archive as well as the Comparisons and Common Ground background file and an illustration for Heavenly Bodies. There might be the odd mistake left in the new HTML, I haven't had time to check it all, don't bother complaining about it until the next update.

Changes for the Year 1996.

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