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Changes to MIA'S in the Year 1998

Warning: This site is currently being updated slowly. Read this page to find out why.


We are now in Hiatus (in other words, no new updates for a while. Check back occasionally to see if I've managed to get back). The gentleman named 'John' needs to be advised that I can't use stories mailed to me (for various reasons detailed in the FAQ, which anyone submitting stories should read), especially not msword format stories, and if he wishes to receive replies to his e-mails on the Internet he needs to set his mailer up so replies to him don't bounce.


Added Jobs, The Fox and the Coyote, Against Me, Transition, This Quiet Night, as well as Chapter 4 or Episode 2 of Simion, Chapter 12 of The Courier, Chapters 4-6 of A Piece of Youth (which has been completely rewritten). It is likely that the Hiatus will begin on Friday, so if you want to get anything onto the Index, tell me by tomorrow.


Added Misery, Colors, Bark, Bugs in the System, Playing Cupid, Shopping, Fur, Learning to Fly, Ambassador, Halloween Story, A Purpose for Living, Michelle, Beauty Diversified, A Clear Choice, A Thankless Society, as well as Part 10 of Aquarius, Tale 14 of Forest Tales, and Chapters 15 - 17 of A Question of Honor. Moving tomorrow. Ack, I wonder where to take the time.


I've been busy, so this has taken a while. Note also that I've not done as much verifying as I usually do, so some of these URL's may be wrong. At least you're getting the data, so bear with me ;-) Added Mouthpiece, Mary-Lynn, Outstanding in the Field, Golden Girl, Boots and Saddles, A Small Problem, Dairy, Milkweed Poison, Curtain-Raiser, Chance and Chimera, A New Dawn, Starfire, Leana, Reflections, Dragon Rape, as well as the 'Shared Assets' episode of The Collected Tanj Stories, Part 7 of Wastersvang, and Part 3 of Road Rover Erotic Story. As you may have noticed, the German mirror is now officially closed.


Added A Glass Half Full, All Things Change, A Writer, Random Encounter, The Princess, My Friend Mai, Half a tail, half a soul, and The Very Good Rat, as well as Chapters 2 - 4 of Sheep in Wolf's Clothing, Chapter 11 of Second In Command, Chapter 11 of The Courier, Part 2 of Shimrod, and Part 4 of Danny.


Added Hallowe'en Sighting, The Last Resort, Mr. Harper Chats With God, A Wolf In The Fold, The Takeover, Routine Flight, Paybacks Aren't Always Hell, A Small Diversion, Homes and Escapes, Origins, and Guys' Night Out. Also added `Changes in lattitude, changes in attitude' to The Collected Tanj Stories, the third chaper of the second episode of Simion, and Chapter 9 & 10 of The art of motivating a cat. Got back A Night In Babs' Room, and Scenes from the morning after. Mr. Gibbs has finished the thirteenth chapter of Enterprise Unbuilt.


Added Best Friends's Burden, Bonds, Keeping the Lamp Lit, The Grasshopper, Flushed!, Settling in for the Night, Fragile Creatures, Hotel California, and How Mankind Lost His Fur. Also added Chapters 10 and 11 of The Mirror Cracked.


Added My Last Act, Forfeiture, New Life, Memories of Chalkdust, Confessions, and Negative Space . I also added a listing for Anthrology, though there are no new stories in there. Note: If you hadn't noticed the change in banners, definitely have a look at this page for some news about this Index.


Added A Question of Honor, Conversations I, Innovations, Struggles between head and heart, Teletubbies, Preparations, The Betting Pool, Exchange, Passing Fad, Fetish, The First Rule Of Battle, Fox-Pox, Keeping the Customer Satisfied, and Working, as well as the 'The Winthrop Expedition' Part of Gravity Music (of which the 'Don't Go Out In The Woods Today' part was recently updated). Double Stripes has had a third part added to it. I also added Part 10 of The Courier a few days back but forgot to mention it here ;-)


Added Shortnose and Shadowchaser, Decades of Denial, Untold Atrocities, (Full Circle was changed to match these), Stress Relief, FFM: A Reckoning, Renovations & Overhaul, Ghosts, Revelations, and At The Spaceport.


Added Leonidus' Round Robin, Through your window..., and The Games that Lionesses Play.


Added Repercussions, The Lost City, Orang-utang, Maryann's Adventures, Wolves6, as well as Chapter 7 & 8 of The art of motivating a cat. Got back Familiarity. Character Intro has been rewritten.


Added Close Encounters, Don't mess with the Genie, The Mysterous Lo Wang, Birthday Wish, He Who Walks, The Historian, Trivialities, A Little More Fun At Night, and Breaking The Curse.


Added By Any Other Name, A Novel Escape, Only the Best, Pawns, Make Love not War, and Tavern, as well as part 9 of The Courier.


Added Graduation Day, Drunken Furs!, The Birth of Destiny, AFF Furrybowl!!, Isn't life one of the craziest things, The Underground, Urban Survivors, Tales of the Koyoti, No Vuelvas Nunca Mas (Don't Ever Come Back), Last Word, Enter the Dragon, Coming Home, Aqueal, and Smoothie.


Added If Music Be, A Dog and Her Man, Report, The day trippers, Akaelae, Danie, Astakos - Stable of the Gods???, Kyreeth, and The Princess and the Unicorn, as well as Chapters 5 & 6 of The art of motivating a cat.


Added Camina, Sulishros and Kojadi, A Day in my New Life, Anamatronics, and Werewolves Within. Got back Rogue Kzin's pages and story..


Added First Change, The Alchemy of Love, Coyote Delivers, Tail of a Young Wolf, Playing With Fire, Fool for a Day, and Welcoming Committee, as well as Chapter 2 of the Castlevania Episode of Simion. And as you can probably see, we're out of mourning, though I expect that IE 3 is still refusing to show these pages correctly.


Added author Rasputch, stories To Get Home for Christmas, The Marriage of Monkey Legs, and Geneses, as well as part 8 of The Courier. If you're having trouble viewing these pages, (and you probably are if you're using Internet Explorer), have a look here.


Added Awakenings, Lunch Money, The Wrongly Accused, A Change for the Better, Scarlet, Mute City, Along Came a Spider, and All Better, as well as the Interlude and Castlevania Episode of Simion, and the last part of Jason Foxworth: The Beginning.


Added To love a virgin, The Illusionist, Lost in the Maze, Ice Blue Eyes, Rise of the Phoenix, Under a Hagen Moon, and Lilfeet, as well as the screenplay for Kings Of Rainmoor.


As you can see, I've put these pages into mourning for the demise of one of the most useful indexes that Furry had, at least to me. Also, if the pages of this Index all of a sudden looked broken to you, have a look here. Added The art of motivating a cat, Lessons Of The Heart, Bar Fight, Worm Trails, In Time of Need, A Dream Realized, The Head Hunter, Theft Detterant, Furrin Blurrin, A wolf removing sheep's clothing, Country Polecat, Fortune Fox, and Enemies, Lovers, as well as Part 7 of The Courier, and Part 3 of My life, my lover.


Added author Keith Morrison, and stories Help Wanted, Cat Food, The Tiger and The Lady, Kitsune Reunited, Sorceress Legacy, Heaven and Earth, KellyA, and Wolfie2. Anybody know what's happened to Albrecht ?


Added The Return of Spirit-Wolf, Search and Retrieval, Failure, The Foxes' Moon, The Arrival, Mundementia One. Note, several of the new stories are on the pages of xoom.com, who seem to currently be experiencing problems with their server, I am succeding in downloading a file only about one try in four (but that one in four has no trouble at all, weird), so if you have trouble getting something, just try again.


Added Piano Man, The Garden, Color Wheel, Sick and Sin, The Great Quest, Arcadia, A Little Help From My Friends, Juliet Squared, Simion, The Dream, The Cry of War, A game of death and tail's, The Gun Slinger, Midnight Heat, and Nightly Bliss, as well as Part 6 of The Courier, and Part 5 of The Hall of Souls.


Added Chapters 4 & 5 of The Courier. For unknown reasons, my mailer just lost all mail from 03.August to present, so If you sent me something I've not replied to (especially if it was in the last two days), please resend.


Added authors Challeron, Osidermon, Teal, Psyra Silverscale, Shadowfang, & Corey Moore, and the stories Reflections, Alieni, as well as Chapter 6 of Wastersvang, Part 12 of A Leopard's Tail, Chapter 11 of Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright, and Tale 45-End of Tails of the City.


Added The Ties That Bind, Character Intro, Complications, Combat, Interesting Encounters, Origins, Home Away From Home, Aftermath, A Miracle of Degree, The Promised Land, and Overnight, as well as Part 3 of Mentem Vim, Chapter 11 of Artist's Light, Part 2 of Decisions, and the 'Dinner Theater' - 'Discovery and Disaster' Episodes of A Fox in the Works. Added automatic splitting of several index pages that were getting a little large. Please e-mail if you feel they're still too large, it should be easy to lower the size even further now that the code to do it is present.


Added The Courier, A New Life, Full Circle, RoverX, and The Flashback.


Added Tales of Gratuitous Transformation, The Velveeta Rabbit, Dandelion, Dandelion, Lycanthrophile, The Little Mermaid 2 - A Parody Error, Bittersweet Symphony, The Pride of Lions, Reunion, Shades of Grey, and Memories as well as the 'Daydreams' part of The Collected Tanj Stories.


Well, Eurofurence is over and I'm suffering post-Con withdrawal symptoms (that's wanting to cuddle anything in sight and getting depressed cause you can't ;-). At any rate, I have added The ATM, Beast Dance, Care and Feeding, Familiarizations, A Murder of One, Reasons For Fading, A Fair Start, Ayshea, Mortal Danger, Sometimes, When We Dream, and the 'H'Settu's Nine Prophecies' part of Gravity Music. I'm still working on the backlog of things, so don't worry if whatever you submitted dind't appear this time around.


Added The Rats of Thorn Valley, Second In Command, College Life, Santa Noel Bear and Friends, The Adventures of Priss, Why?, and Njalls Saga, as well as part 11 of A Leopard's Tail, the 'Strange Bedfellows' part of The Collected Tanj Stories, and the 39th & final part of Light on Shattered Water. I still have a few more in the queue, but I'm off to attend EF 4 now, don't worry, I'll get around to things after.


Added Four Scenes from a Semi-Detached House, Ways and Means, Long Way Down, Paradox, Hidden Beauty, Making the Cut, Gone to the dogs, School days, Never Too Late, Pennystone, When the Dark Winds Come, This is a Box, The Thimble, Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright, Mach's scenario, Am I Your Enemy?, The Outsiders, From The Babe's Mouth, Cold Rains of the Heart, Top of the Food Chain, and Nightsrynd, as well as the final chapters of Ice on Fire, and the 'Cloak and Dagger' part of The Collected Tanj Stories.


Added author Lee I. Shapiro, and stories An Evening Wherein Kent and Gabe Do Not End Up Going Out, The Rat in Abstract, Natural History, Pays Perdu et la licorne, Hardrock's scenario, Tali's Scenario, Seal with a Kiss, The Tropical Flower, The Rape Of The Skin-Walkers, Kindred Spirits, and The Party, as well as Chapter 8 of The Orb in the Sword.


Added Kari's Scenario, Dark Tides, Sheep in Wolf's Clothing, Slave, Fox Hunt, Stone Rose, Snakes and Ladders, and On the Nile, as well as Chapters 6 & 7 of The Orb in the Sword. Please be aware that from now until middle of August, updates will be slow and come only infrequently, as RL is taking up a lot of my concentration.


Added Mairia, A Difficult Decision, Shadow's Box, Gabriel Descending, Sex and the Modern Snake, Sound of Mind, Bad Boy, Death is Real, About Foxes and Men, A Passion in the Desert, The Healing of Magic, and Crash, as well as the 'Across The Sundering Sea Of Stars', 'Soul's Desire', & 'Raall's Report' substories of Gravity Music, and parts 9 & 10 of A Leopard's Tail. Also note: The Long Night's Journey Into Morning has been finished.


Added A Scent of a Rose, Storm On Cordonia, Poison in the system?, A Taur and His Boy, The Casanova At Crazy 8, Aetobatus' alt.fan.dragons literature page, Employment Opportunities, Inventory, The Transformation Ring Story Archive, as well as parts 5 - 8 of A Leopard's Tail. I also split up the Cordonia stories into Tales From Cordonia and Music Of The Heart.


Added Xydexx's Thanksgiving Trip, 'Tis the Season, The Ultimate Weapon For Peace, as well as chapter 5 of Wastersvang. Also added Graphics to Havoc!, Bunnies at Play, Kenya's Heroine, and Ryon.


Unfortunately Jason Lehrer seems to be having ISP problems, thus a backup page had been inserted instead of his homepage for now. Also added info for a new ending to Bitch.


Added author Jason Lehrer, as well as Chapter 10 of Ice on Fire, and Chapter 5 & 6 of College Days.


Added A Leopard's Tail, Jesse's Story, Life Before Yiffnet, and A Centaur's Tale of Love and Love Lost, as well as three novel length tales by Paul S. Gibbs.


Added Zinn's Story, Alice's Werewolf, and An Evening With Zack, as well as the 'Alternity' - 'Alignment' episodes of Gravity Music.


Added You Gotta Have Faith, Hybrids/Gargoyles, and Bitch, as well as parts 43 and 44 of Tails of the City.


Added Empty War, Lair, The Orb in the Sword, Skylos's Story, A New Hope, Bear Mates, A Reunion to never forget, A dirty job for a confused soul, Dragon's Conquest, In the beginning, The Infinity Syndrome, A Changed Man, Seaside, The Centos Herd, Shimrod, Danny, Rookie Cop, Discovering, author Duke Shepherd, Lost & Found, Futures Imperfect: Underground Lovers, A New Friend, Doggy Enterludes, and The Hall of Souls, as well as chapter 2 of Jason Foxworth: The Beginning, and Love In The Electronic Age, part 2 of The Panther!, part 13 of Forest Tales, and part 4 of A Typical Day at School.


Added Mating Season, The Truth About Roswell, The Universe Next Door, Prayers, and Gravity Music. Got back Tony Greyfox's stories, thanks go to Falk Schwanke for finding them for me.


Added Artist's Depiction of A Sparrow, The Interview and The Icon, Fluffy Love, The Human Animal, and Cheers, To Humanity, as well as the 'Aftershocks!' script and related stuff of Kalatir. Also fixed a few spelling and other mistakes. Also, I have now closed the layout voting, the new style seems to have won out by a rather large margin :-)


Added The Makings of a Rainbow, The Corporation, Dragonslayer, Good and Evil ...after hours, and Caged, as well as parts 7 - 10 of Coldheart.


Added The Falcon's Eye, as well as the 'Oh the HORROR!', 'Piled Higher and Deeper', 'The road less traveled', 'Escape!', and 'With Jenka' episodes of The Collected Tanj Stories.


Added part 12 of Forest Tales (as well as some new graphics), parts 7 - 9 of Ice on Fire, parts 34 - Epilog of A New Millennium (finishing it), and parts 38 - 42 of Tails of the City. The "1842 project" now has a sixth and final part. I also updated a lot of the author ratings.


Added Decisions, The Delay, and A Special Night Together. Also note, The "1842 project" has a new 5th part.


Added Outcasts, Cindy, Abandoned, Slavery, Gypsy, Ambria, Yoroshi, Miscast, and Harvest Mare.


Due to technical problems, I lost almost all e-mails sent to me between 18.05.98 and today, if you've sent me something you didn't get a reply to, please resend it. Added Aliandra, and Wolftaur2.


Added Scylla and Charibdes, BarneyReich, Never Say You Love Me Ever Again, The ReX Files, The Doll, Trinkets, Sarah Home Alone, Derelict, and Jason Foxworth: The Beginning.


Added Coldheart, Promotion, Comfort, Leopold's Night, Feet First, A Walk in the Park, Open 24 Hours, The New Member, A Strange Tail of Love and Deceit, A Strange Cause of War, The UAV Rammstein, The Rammstein Incident, Ground Roo, Starborn, Tender Loving Care, Lakota, One Day, The Unknown..., Agent Trevor Coudros, The Football Player, Interview, A Friend To The End, and Love is blind?, as well as parts 6 of Ice on Fire and The Admiral & the Chakat, part 2 & 3 of A Typical Day at School. Also added the two new rewrites of Fallen


It seems today is fable day. Added The Dog, the Cock, and the Fox, The Ass, the Fox, and the Lion, The Crab and the Fox, The Dogs and the Fox, The Eagle and the Fox, The Farmer and the Fox, The Fox and the Hedgehog, The Fox and the Leopard, The Fox and the Lion, The Fox and the Lion, The Fox and the Mask, The Fox and the Monkey, The Fox and the Monkey, The Fox and the Woodcutter, The Hares and the Foxes, The Jackdaw and the Fox, The Lion, the Wolf, and the Fox, The Quack Frog, The Sick Lion, The Swollen Fox, The Wild Boar and the Fox, The Wolf and the Fox, The Wolf, the Fox, and the Ape, The Fox and the Cat, Foxes (at The River Maiandros), The Fox and The Dog, The Fox and The Dragon, and The Eagle (Whose Wings Were Cut Off) and The Fox as well as the 'Greek Spot' archive in Aesop's Fables. Got back a lot of the still missing fables of Aesop's Fables.


Added authors Kane, Nyx, Sandy S. Hemenway, and Robert Kalin as well as the stories Twisted Threads, Proposition 282, The Unforgiven II, The Unforgiven III, The Tower, Starfish, and Wo kommen wir her?.


Added Icarus Dreams, a Glass Heart, and Slippers to Take Me Home, Background, Long Live the King, Malvoisin, Alchemy, Metamor Keep, Speed of the Light Fantastic, Potion, Library, Furbrained, Lurkers in the Keep, Like the Sky, Admissions and Applications, Arduous Tasks, Awake,as well as parts 19 - Epilogue of The Perpetual, part 6 of For Whom the Stars Do Not Shine, . Removed 'The New Look Clinic' as it turned out to be just an alternate title for Lieing or Lying.


Added On Vacation, The Latrans Files, The UNscientific Method, and the 'Tanj's Return' chapter to The Collected Tanj Stories, as well as Part 3 of Problems.


Added Braeokk's Tale, as well as Chapters 19-33 of A New Millennium, Part 36-37 of Tails of the City as well as the 'Distant Fire' - 'Those that Fight' Chapters of A Fox in the Works.


Added The Dive, Loving Halloween, Back to Nature, Trickster's Gold, I'm Here to Bring You Music, Randomness, Hate Springs Eternal, 'The New Look Clinic', Legacy of Flight, Third Rule, Echoes, The Demon, IM Wanderer, and Sklaven as well as part 38 of Light on Shattered Water. Also added a special Listing for Spells'R'Us, and a graphics entry for The Transformation Story Archive.


Added Midnight, With Stars, The Collected Tanj Stories, and Incident at Eroticom Six, as well as part 35 of Tails of the City. The story The Long Night's Journey Into Morning has been updated. Also dropped in links for the new Velan Central Archive.


Finally got the support for backup URL's in substories working. Added Kalatir, and Strayers.


Added First Furry, Voyage of the Kanto, Daughter Mine, The Storm, Effects of Rising Too Early, Eating at the Duke's Table, Easter Endeth, Early to Sleep, The Vixen Murders, Halloween Cinderella, Rise From The Ashes, Sea Breeze, Ravage's Story, Anniversary, Air Express, Marvel-ous Changes, World in Flux, Manta, What about the torture?, Hot Steamy Weasel Action, Ishtar, The Storm, Before spring break!, The Road Rovers get Groomed!, Experiments, A Typical Day at School, Denworld, Love In The Electronic Age, and Canine Pleasures, as well as chapter 7 of Gina: Mermaid's Legacy, part 2 of Road Rover Erotic Story and chapter 14 of The Life of Faral. Vixen has been rewritten.


Added Centaur Professor, The Adytum of Earth, Holocaust, One last Night, Justice, Butch And The Blade, and The Articulum as well as the chapter 'Changing Vestments' of Apprentice Inept, part 33 & 34 of Tails of the City, and chapters 'Surviving' to 'Dark Fire' of A Fox in the Works (which was just renamed from the original title 'S1'). Also changed the layout of the main index page slightly because of suggestions that people look by titles first usually. If that was incorrect, feel free to e-mail ;-)


Added The Gardens of Rain, Forget Chip, What's Cooking, An Evening Together, A Recom Tracker, We've Waited So Long For This Day..., A Faitful Snowy Night, The Awakening, Hanging, City of the North, Tutor Bonds, Jucser's Journey, The Eye of Aphisis, as well as chapter 2 of Mentem Vim, parts 30 - 32 of Tails of the City, part 2 of My life, my lover, and part 2 of Repaying the Protector.


Added New World Awaiting, Rarest of the Wild, Off His Noggin', What Might Have Been, Compass, the Author Feech, Angel of Mercy, and Lightbringer. Those of you who haven't yet voted for the layout, definitely have a look here.


Added First Keep, as well as part 3 & 4 of Wastersvang. Also added an illustration for Dustbunnies 7 or D7: Day of Judgment.


Added author Rocky Raccoon, So Much For Surprise, as well as part 28 & 29 of Tails of the City and the 'White Feather' chapter of Music Of The Heart. The "1842 project" has been revised and updated, and I got back Kyle Griffin's stories. I have created a page to record the layout feedback results. Btw, this may seem clear to most, but recent experience has proved the opposite: Any author's wanting to submit stories to this index really should have a look at the FAQ for guidelines on how to do that.


Added Aesop's Fables, The "1842 project", Especially Disappointed, Escaping, Escalation, Errands and Editors, Equinox Arriveth, Entertaining Thoughts of Eucharist, The Secrets in Truth, Quartet for the End of Time, Kerri's Love, and The Last Goodbye, as well as part 13-18 of The Perpetual. Oops, forgot to mention I'd added the author Micole in last update.

I've received a suggestion that it might be better to put the colored block into the title to emphasize that instead of using it to group the secondary info. I don't know what is better, but to test it, I've modified the Lost Stories page accordingly (and tried yet a third layout variant in the second half of that page). Have a look, and send me feedback what you think please. Oh, and while you're at it, if you know where any of those stories are, send that info too ;-)


Finally, the day has arrived, the Index has 1000+ Stories in it. I'd like to give my thanks to all the authors that made it possible, and all the furries who sent me URL's, help, and feedback. Write and tell me how you like the new layout, or what I should change.

Added Wastersvang, the Changeling Chronicles, Bastion, Lisa Dawnwind, Murder at the Shapeshifter's Ball, The Visitor: Snapshots, Dragon Stories, Homer in Jeopardy, Islington Brier and the Ice Cream Plot, Why Is God So F**ing Mean ?, Pink Panther & Sons, Old Dreams Kept, and Water Wings as well as the author Dan D'Alimonte. Also added the 'The Lion King Fan Library' link under The Lion King Fanfiction. Got back most of Arthur J. Pearson's stories, and some of Aesop's fables. Thanks go to Dan Merillat for pointing these out. In another, not quite so happy record, the One Thing to Live For story is gone a day after I indexed it :-P


Added One Thing to Live For, The Visitor, Coyote de mi Alma, Winter Paradise, What's Playing, and A Dark Night....


Added Riven, A Bad Day, The Panther!, Rare Species, Terminal Depression, and A New Breed, as well as Tale 11 of Forest Tales. This brings the Index to 980 stories,... not long and we'll be able to celebrate :-) So get writing, you never know, your story may be the lucky one ;-)


Added Changes, Solitude, The Wolf Who Came In From The Cold, The Last Enemy, Portrait Of The Artist, The Tiger In The Garden, The Untitled Tiger Again, In The Dark Of The Night, Human Nature, Bad Trip, Funeral for T'Kahtah, Wolf Pet, and Redemption. Added Illustration for First Song.


Added Avengers of the 101st: Search and Rescue, A Trickster's Tail, Commission, Field Trip, Byte Me, Wishes, Teacher's Pet, Magus The Fox's Archive, Outfoxed, Transmutational Transcontinental, The Hike, Dog Star, The Country of the Blind, Best Friends, and The Fox Kid Series. Kashra collected several of his stories into The War Series (no new story there though).


Added The History of FurryMUCK, The Moreau Project, Certamen, As Long As He Can Run, My life, my lover, A Jackal's Story, Clarence and Jane, The Chronicles, Some Lessons Start Easy, The Back Room, When I Was Young, Love Toy and I am Incubi, as well as Parts 26 & 27 of Tails of the City, and Chapters 7 & 8 of Maku-Moa.


Added Atolls, Scooby Scooy Doo!! Where ARe You!?!?!, and The Naming of Cats in the Hot, Dark City.


Added the authors Raven Blackmane & Phil Geusz, and the stories Death Wish, Empty Spaces, Free, & A Simple Wager.


Added the authors Gre7g Luterman, Anthony Robertson & Richard Pike, and the story Cheating at Solitaire.


Added Writer's Guild, The Fight that Never Happened, Support Group, Facing Knight, Evening Stroll, Deja Vu!, I Awoke, The Day, The Global Warrior, and the authors Terry Spafford & LoveBear, as well as part 6 - 12 of The Perpetual. Got back Kyle Griffin's stuff ;-)


Added Ass In A Sling Blade, Pain's End, and Archive, as well as part 37 of Light on Shattered Water, part 4 of Fire and Trails, and part 24 & 25 of Tails of the City. There is also a new Story titled 'First Contact' in The Journal Entries of Kennet R'yal Shardik.


Added A Winter's Night, and Acceptance. Due to Simtra Fox's gracious donation of web and dataspace, MIA'S has a Mirror Server in the states again. Yay! :-) Thanks go to Simtra.


Added Wishful thinking, A Tale in the life of ManWolves, Chemistry 101, A Tale Of Two Worlds, Midnight Down Under, War's a furry hell, Lost in the Hunt, Road Rover Erotic Story, Who Knew?, A Pleasant Surprise After Class, A Hole In The Wall, My canine wife, Repaying the Protector, Do You Like It?, Dinner II, FoxFire2, Sick roo in NEED, and Striped for the party, as well as part 4 of College Days, and part 3 of The Village. Nekobe has been rewritten, and there is now a second part named "Nekobe's Birthday" at the end. And the changes entry for this year is already larger bytewise than that for the whole year 1995. Eeef ;-)


Added the Changeling Series, The End, Unter Wölfen, and Der Werwolf, as well as parts 20-23 of Tails of the City. Also added an illustration for Greytiger Saves Christmas. Added an FAQ file.


Added Rachel, Stalemate, The First Casualty, Life During Wartime, and Der Stern, as well as Part 4 of Stormking.


Minor Bugfixes to make Hoof and Claw as well as Beaten Path appear correctly. Added Music Of The Heart, Making New Bonds, Greytiger Saves Christmas, Reserve Diary, Berenice's Hair, The Bride of the Man-Horse, I Had a Devastating Dream During the Full Moon, King Kong's Daughter, Three Centauresses, A Letter to a Friend, and Träge fließen die Tage. Finally, there are new illustrations for The Satisfied Mind, Night Swimming. I am now caught up on the mail backlog.


Well, I'm back, and there's a pile of stories waiting. Eeek ;-) Added The Monster in the Closet, Be Prepared, Beaten Path, Minor Adjustments A Reach in the Dark, Metamor Keep, Jerrit McHathard, Another World, College Days, An Afternoon at #21, Roughing the Runt, Reverse Engineering, and Having Some Friends Over For Dinner. Also added Part 2 of Problems, and Chapter 8 of Marik. Blood and Thunder has been finished by it's author. Also fixed several mistakes and dangling links, thanks go to everyone who wrote me about them. I'm doing an update today since some people have been asking when the next one will be, there are still mails left to process, so if you sent me something I've not reacted to yet, don't worry, you've not been forgotten or ignored.

Changes for the Year 1997.

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